Here are four reasons why we are the perfect partner for you:

  1. We build a digital wall around our clients using Tier One cybersecurity tools. Our services include Dark Web Monitoring, Online Data Backup, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing to complement our Fully Managed SOC. With our advanced security tools, we can help keep your business safe from cyber threats.
  1. We provide a Fully Managed COC (Cybersecurity Operation Center). Our SOC is staffed with highly trained security professionals who monitor your network 24/7, respond to potential threats in real-time, and provide regular vulnerability assessments to ensure that your business remains secure. Our XDR – Extended Detection & Response – goes further than EDR by providing detection, analytics, and response across endpoints (EDR) networks, servers, cloud workloads, and SIEM.
  1. Team of Experienced Service Engineers. Our team of experienced Field Engineers is always available to visit your business on a regular basis, provide support, and drive more sales.
  1. We offer many other tier 1 tools that secure email, applications, system integrity, WFH security, and other issues that SMB/Mid-Market businesses face daily. With our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, you can rest assured that your business is fully protected against potential cybersecurity threats.

Tru Technical Partners is your go-to Managed IT Services Provider for all your IT support and Cybersecurity needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your business!

Truman Roe, CEO Tru Technical Partners

I believe one of the most feared expressions in modern times is “My computer is down”.

That’s why we are the only local South Bay Full-Service IT Support company that:

  • guarantee 99.9% uptime
  • guarantee to respond to your service calls during normal business hours within 45 minutes
  • guarantee to put a fully qualified engineer onsite within 2 hours when needed
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See if your business’s data is for sale with dark web monitoring

There’s a place online where you can buy anything illegal… guns, drugs – and business data.

It’s called the dark web. And it’s where criminals buy data stolen from businesses, that they can then use to try to hack them.

This week’s video tells you about a way to see if your business’s data is for sale on the dark web.

Why you still need antivirus

It might seem in our modern age that you no longer need antivirus to protect your devices.

Not at all – it’s the opposite. Every device that’s connected to the internet needs to be protected. Here’s why.

3 scary signs your business has been hacked

Hackers are very smart people. Not only can they break into your computer without you realising it, but they can also cover their tracks – so it’s almost impossible to spot they’re in.


Here are 3 signs to look out for, which could indicate your business has been hacked.

Can we train your staff to resist hackers?

You can have the best security setup. With the most up-to-date software. And STILL, hackers can get access to your system.

How? Through your staff.

Hacking isn’t just about computers. There’s also an element of social engineering.

Here’s why you should invest in training your people to make your people more aware what they should be looking out for.

Here are 3 signs to look out for, which could indicate your business has been hacked.

How we help you thrive

Expert Managed Services

Our team of certified IT professionals are trained in industry best practice. This proven and robust blueprint for success ensures your digital resources quickly become more reliable, efficient, cost effective and cyber secure after you hire us.

Operational Resilience

You want zero downtime. We work to keep digital devices up and running through best practice preventative maintenance.

Minimizing Cost

You want costs kept to minimum needed to support your business plan. We never stop searching for ways to improve efficiency and drive down costs.

Productive Employees

You want increased productivity. We configure your infrastructure to keep digital devices both available and responsive.

Award Winning Cyber Security

The cyber security software we deploy to secure your network won three gold medals in last year's Cyber Security Excellence Awards.


Beyond Technology

We do more for you than reduced downtime, responsive service, and cost-effective solutions. We work with you to make sure your IT Infrastructure is a perfect fit for your business strategy.

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Professional Staff
Only the best engineers are hired
Professional Staff
All Tru Technical Partners engineers are required to be certified in every major technology typically found in a small and medium sized business.
IT Support
8 - 5 Support & Emergency
IT Support
Our call center is in California and staffed by fully qualified engineers fluent in English.
Competitive Advantage
The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. Tru Technical Partners provides Managed Services for a business surrounded by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Managed IT Services

The solutions that Tru Technical Partners provides are hassle-free, cost effective solutions that allow you to attend to the business of your business while actually saving money.

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Data Protection & Backup

Every small and medium size business owner knows they need a high quality, dependable, remote backup solution…but few actually do. Let us worry about this important detail.

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Cyber Security

Keep pace with the increasing complexity and frequency of network security threats. We will protect your assets and data with 24/7 remote management, monitoring and reporting.

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IT Infrastructure

24/7 Monitoring; Patch, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Monitoring; Audit and Discovery; Quarterly Reports are just some of the ways Tru Technical Partners keeps you in the know.

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Trusted by Hundreds of California Companies

Tru Technical Partners has spent the last 20 years helping Bay Area SMBs secure their data and networks, backup their valuable assets and keep their technology operations humming.

Give us a call we will show you how to secure your data and improve your operations for less time and money than you do today.

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