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Tru Technical Partners has spent the last 20 years helping Bay Area SMBs secure their data and networks, backup their valuable assets and keep their technology operations humming.

Give us a call we will show you how to secure your data and improve your operations for less time and money than you do today.

Managed IT Services

The solutions that Tru Technical Partners provides are hassle-free, cost effective solutions that allow you to attend to the business of your business while actually saving money.

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Data Protection & Backup

Every small and medium size business owner knows they need a high quality, dependable, remote backup solution…but few actually do. Let us worry about this important detail.

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IT Infrastructure

24/7 Monitoring; Patch, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Monitoring; Audit and Discovery; Quarterly Reports are just some of the ways Tru Technical Partners keeps you in the know.

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Keep pace with the increasing complexity and frequency of network security threats. We will protect your assets and data with 24/7 remote management, monitoring and reporting.

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Truman Roe, CEO Tru Technical Partners

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Industries: Legal, Finance (Accounting and Wealth Management), Civil Engineering, Healthcare, DOD Manufacturers, Construction, Startups

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How we help you thrive

Expert Managed Services

Our team of certified IT professionals are trained in industry best practice. This proven and robust blueprint for success ensures your digital resources quickly become more reliable, efficient, cost effective and cyber secure after you hire us.

Operational Resilience

You want zero downtime. We work to keep digital devices up and running through best practice preventative maintenance.

Minimizing Cost

You want costs kept to minimum needed to support your business plan. We never stop searching for ways to improve efficiency and drive down costs.

Productive Employees

You want increased productivity. We configure your infrastructure to keep digital devices both available and responsive.

Award Winning Cyber Security

The cyber security software we deploy to secure your network won three gold medals in last year's Cyber Security Excellence Awards.


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