File And Data Backup Solutions

As one of the top File And Data Backup Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver tailored File And Data Backup services for organizations of any size.

Nowadays almost every organization and business uses digital management. They also store text-based online communication digitally; your business shouldn’t be an exception.

Currently, all your systems work and you are satisfied with the business’ administrative procedures – until the day you’re not.

One day your server or hardware just fails. Your IT experts can’t get it running again and most of your data is missing. You don’t have to worry if you have a top data backup firm, like Tru Technical Partners, taking care of your data backup. We will recover all your lost data.

Why Backup?

File and data can be lost due to a hardware failure. It can also fall victim to hackers. With more businesses relying on internet-based storing services, hackers are working harder to infiltrate businesses’ systems.

They can access and “freeze” your data and demand ransom to release it and paying the Ransom doesn’t guarantee all your data is returned or released. With an up-to-date backup solution, your service provider assists you to change servers, if needed, and restore the data.

Different Types Of Backup

There are two types of backup: data and file.

  1. Data backup is a copy of all your data. IT specialists will recover it when all your data has been deleted or corrupted.
  2. File backup is when you backup files in groups selectively within the database. You use the backed-up files to restore specific corrupted or lost files.

An open file is a software file that is currently being reviewed, modified, or used by other software. Open file backup allows taking snapshots of the files, without stopping these processes.

An archive is a copy of the data you make for long-term storage. It forms part of the broader data backup services that we offer. To save space we often delete the original data from the source after we’ve archived and stored it which is a cost cutting process to save your company money.

Producing a backup means creating a copy that can be recovered when there is a data failure. Recovery is the process of restoring your database after a system failure or accidental data deletion. With a trustworthy backup service provider, you don’t worry about either.

Over time the way of storing backups has changed. It started with punch cards and floppy disks. It then developed into CDs, DVDs, and later external hard disks.

Nowadays reputable backup firms often use cloud-based media; this offers secure and off-site storage.

The volume of your data and how long you want to store it, dictate the services you need. A Tru Partner can determine your needs and then develop a tailored service for your business.

Backup is a specialized field in computer science. As a manager or business owner, you don’t necessarily have the know-how to formulate data backup solutions. At Tru Technical Partners, we allow you to manage your business while we take care of your digital security.

This includes an effective backup plan. We create backups as a vital step in your computer maintenance program. Our file and data backup solutions safeguard your information in the event of a system failure or file manipulation.

We not only provide data backup services but assist with issues like:

  • securing networks and data,
  • managing desktops,
  • enhancing mobile device connectivity,
  • streamlining of email,
  • providing anti-virus software, and
  • anything else technology-related.

Your business needs high-quality, consistent, and remote backup solutions. Let us worry about this important detail of your business. A certified expert can come and discuss data backup solutions and all other related issues with your business if you schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

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