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As one of the top IT Consulting Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver custom-tailored IT Consulting services for organizations of any size.

In this day and age, only people from the most remote inhabited places on the planet haven’t heard of a computer or information technology (IT). Even so, in this technological golden age, most people, when they hear the terms ‘IT Consulting’ think that there’s something wrong with the computer that needs to be identified by an IT Consultant.

But what IT consulting companies do is a different world from computer repairing.

What we Offer

Our Remote Managed Services takes care of all IT consulting services for you from a distance. Through our TruSecurity, we make sure your business is safe from network threats. We offer 24/7 protection for your data and assets. Our TruSecurity will also constantly update your security system to keep new threats from damaging your servers.

Aside from TruSecurity, we also offer TruIT. We are an IT consulting company that strives to give our customers the most efficient software and solutions to optimize their businesses. This saves you money and time in the same package.

We ensure your data is stored properly and can be retrieved in a few clicks with TruBackup. Most IT solutions consulting happens when data or assets are lost. This is a nightmare for any business. With Tru Technical Partners, you’ll sleep soundly at night because your data is backed up and stored securely.

We are an IT consulting firm that monitors your system 24/7 to ensure that everything is up and running without any glitches. Through our TruReview program, we help you with Audit and Discovery and send you quarterly reports on your system. And just for an extra layer of protection for you, we also monitor your security against spyware and computer viruses.

If they don’t fix computers, then what do IT consulting firms do? It’s simple. Consulting firms provide expert IT solutions and advice at a fee.

Handling everything that keeps your computer servers running and your business’ online transactions running smoothly is what firms like Tru Technical Partners are here for.

IT consulting is similar to car maintenance. Owning a car means that you’ll have to schedule regular check-ups on parts that keep your vehicle in running condition. IT consulting services are like maintenance check-ups for your business.

You need a professional to regularly check your servers, secure your data, and make sure your IT tools are efficient and optimized to keep your business running seamlessly.

More often than not, businesses ask representatives from IT consulting firms to pay them regular visits for these IT solutions. And a lot of the times, these visits get costly. In-person checkups can be charged separately from the programs and services that the IT consulting companies offer.

Here at Tru Technical Partners, we recognize the hassle and the extra cost of personal IT consulting visits. That’s why we have optimized our systems for the convenience of our clients. We offer Remote Managed Services to our customers. There’s no longer the need to visit maintenance centers or pay personnel to visit your business regularly. You can have all IT needs fulfilled from the comfort of your home.

Why Us?

If you are a business owner, no matter how small or big your business is, you are definitely in need of an IT consultant nowadays. Why go through the hassle of catering to consultants when you could spend that time working and improving your business? And why pay more for an in-person checkup? Avoid that hassle. Reduce your stress. Start your complimentary assessment now!

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