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@dm1nFeb 27, 20200 Comments

Are The Apps You Download to Your Phone Misusing Your Data?

Turns out, even when the law requires an application developer to handle your data with care, the ...

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@dm1nFeb 25, 20200 Comments

These Mistakes Led to Big Data Losses…

I’d Rather Learn From Other’s Mistakes Than My Own…Here’s a quick review of major ...

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@dm1nFeb 20, 20200 Comments

One Thing We Don’t Think About When it Comes to Data Loss and Security – Our Personal/Physical Safety!

Okay, data security is important – however, there’s a growing trend that threatens all of ...

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@dm1nFeb 18, 20200 Comments

What Hackers Are After…Your Personal Data

Listen as Michael Chertoff Explains What Hackers Are After – Your Personal Data, in this 4 ...

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@dm1nFeb 13, 20200 Comments

Are People Getting Email From You…That You Did Not Send?

Are people telling you they just received a weird email from you, that you don’t recall sending? ...

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@dm1nFeb 11, 20200 Comments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the New Attack Tool Stealing Data

It’s also the latest defense against data loss… Security tools keep changing – ...

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@dm1nFeb 06, 20200 Comments

When Your Email Gets Hacked – The Hacker Can Really Do Some Damage

I’ve heard security experts say, 99% of your intellectual capital is in digital form somewhere in ...

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@dm1nFeb 04, 20200 Comments

How Likely Are You to Get Hit With Ransomware – Or Some Other Malicious Software Hack?

Watch this 15 minute video to see how easy it is for hackers to break in using simple tools and ...

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@dm1nJan 30, 20200 Comments

Protect Your Identity – Freeze Your Credit…

It’s about time – between all the information you give out on a check (including your name, ...

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@dm1nJan 28, 20200 Comments

Here’s Your Small/Medium Business CyberSecurity Checklist…

While companies are losing data every day, many of the crimes and mishaps you read about in the ...

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@dm1nJan 23, 20200 Comments

Security Breaches Often Lead to Job Loss and Business Failure! Can Your Firm Stop Cyber-attacks Before They Destroy Your Career?

In North America 32 percent of data breaches have resulted in a C-level manager, president or CEO ...

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@dm1nJan 21, 20200 Comments

It’s a Matter of When, Not If…Cyber Security Issues Are Getting Bigger

“Experts have put cyber threats at the top of their risk list since 2013, and this year, the DTCC ...

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@dm1nJan 16, 20200 Comments

Do You Know The Symptoms to Watch For – Letting You Know People Are In Your Computer?

It’s not always easy to know…hackers are getting smarter all the time, so never assume ...

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@dm1nJan 14, 20200 Comments

Did You Know Your Copy Machine Is Giving Away Your Data?

Most don’t realize it, but your copy machine is a computer – and it stores images of the ...

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@dm1nJan 09, 20200 Comments

How Long Do You Have To Discover Your Data Is Under Attack?

In the attached article, writer Travis Greene explains what exposure time is, and how it differs ...

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@dm1nJan 07, 20200 Comments

Are Your Employee’s Home Networks Allowing Outsiders To Access Your Company Data?

Watch This 45 Second Video… Home networks are often the big weak spot in your business ...

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@dm1nJan 02, 20200 Comments

Small Business – The Hackers #1 Target. Here’s What You Can Do To Lock Things Down

Experts tell us – small business is the target. There are several things you can do to ...

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@dm1nDec 31, 20190 Comments

SmartPhones, Smart Cars, Smart Buildings…Are they Really a Smart Decision?

Your smart building might be smarter than you think…we’re constantly recommending security ...

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@dm1nDec 26, 20190 Comments

The Overlooked Tool Most Of Us Use, Is Now Stealing Passwords and More!

Warning…Those plug-ins everyone is adding to their browser (sometimes called extensions) ...

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@dm1nDec 23, 20190 Comments

The Future of The Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Devices, smart homes, and everything connected – it’s the Internet of Things (IoT).  ...

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