The Biggest Cyber Security Threats to Enterprises

We’re a hyper connected business world, and in many ways, that’s a remarkable state to be in.

From it, new levels of commerce and opportunity are possible – in global arenas, and with highly customizable marketing strategies available at fingertip, to pinpoint industry needs, and solve these with lucrative product and service offerings. Such an influential business state, though, inevitably attracts the attention of those not interested in ethical dealings – the criminal presence that’s followed commerce into the digital space, and now stalks its highways and bi-ways.

Because with the era of hyper connectedness in business, and its vast opportunities in business growth, operation, and data insight, has dawned the era of the cybercriminal.

And just as vigilance is always key in deterring victimhood, and the prevention of becoming a statistic, knowing what threats lurk among the binary is step one in making sure hyper awareness of cybercrime, matches our hyper connected business status.

Here are some of the biggest cyber security threats out there, and how to make sure your business’s data security stays impenetrable.

What Are The Most Common Cyber Threats?

The global pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way we live. From the way we think when we leave the house – keep a distance, and no touching - to the incorporation of masks into this ‘new normal.’

The shift has been seismic, to say the least, and the tremors of it have permeated all areas of life. One area in particular, is in our livelihood – our jobs, our businesses. We work differently now, remotely, because that’s the directive and we have the capabilities. As a resulting symptom of this new way of life, our businesses now depend on platforms that allow data to be stored in hubs and virtual vaults that can be retrieved anywhere, anytime, digitally.

It’s a state that’s quite extraordinary. And we’re now poised to take data storage to new levels of convenience and accessibility.

But with heightened capability in tech, comes the increased factions of those that will want to use that tech to weaken your defenses, and steal what’s important to you and your organization.

Here are just some possible strikes that cybercriminals could send your way.

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Cloud Breach

In a report released by McAfee recently, the global economy has experienced a huge 50% increase in the demand for cloud implementation across the board for all industries.

Data is online – your finances, client details, private business information, and much more. It’s a very enticing challenge for hackers to attempt to breach your information hub. They may launch scans on cloud servers with no passwords, exploit data hubs that have been weakened by systems that have out of date patches, or even launch relentless melees across user accounts, in attempts to gain entry.

The best defense is in cloud storage configuration and making sure that the end-user actions across your devices – exactly who will be accessing data, when, and how – are properly established, and then meticulously maintained.

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With an unsettling name like ‘malware’, this one should be top of mind always, but also because this cyber-attack may just be one of the biggest dangers to your data fortification.

Malware includes all of the notable virus variations out there and have the potential to not only destroy cloud walls and gain access to important data which will put your business at risk, but they can systematically destroy hardware on devices, requiring expensive repairs and replacements.

Malware usually gets its claws entrenched via malicious website downloads, certain email spamming and connecting to machines that are infected.

Educating your employees here on what not to open, and when not to connect, is the best way to avoid a malware infestation.

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This cyber-attack is one of the most common, and possibly the most invasive.

Ransomware is exactly what the name says: it’s a penetrative attack on a company’s data store, where a hacker gains access and through tricky coding, locks that data away. This is then held to ransom – the attacker demands a payment for the release of that data.

This level of intrusion into your private business information storage is somewhat hard to accept. Imagine, your financials, your appointments, your client data, all held hostage. But it’s a simple and dangerous hack, and your contingencies are your best defense. With a solid back-up system, in the event of a ransomware breach, you can simply recover your data without having to pay the ransom or lose productivity.

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Cybercrime is the inevitable nemesis of the online capable, data-driven business. Its tech is becoming more sophisticated, daily. But so too are the options in guarding against it. We can help you build digital walls, reinforce your shields, and establish your strategic counterattacks so that your data is always protected.

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