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As one of the top Endpoint Security Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver custom-tailored Endpoint Security services for organizations of any size.

Just because hackers are getting more sophisticated doesn’t mean that you are helpless against them. Tru Technical Partners believes that when you employ a proactive approach to data security, your company’s and customers’ data will be secure.

We deliver custom-tailored endpoint security solutions for businesses to keep their data safe.

What is endpoint security solutions?

These solutions are protocols and products used to protect end-user devices against data breaches.

Before we recommend any endpoint security service, we first assess your systems and devices to determine the threat level posed by each one. Once we have a clear picture of what we are working with, we then deploy state of the art security across your networks and end-user devices.

Endpoint Cyber Attacks

Endpoint cyber attacks have been on the rise over the last few years. Some factors that have contributed to this increase include:

  • Bring your own device culture. Relaxed security policies at work allow employees to access workplace networks on their devices. If those devices do not have endpoint security software, they could be used in phishing and malware attacks.
  • Remote working. In 2020, most companies ignored standard security protocols as they hurriedly rolled out remote working schedules. As a result, the number of opportunistic attacks by cybercriminals increased, with the highest incidences reported in the US.
  • On-premise attacks. Devices located and operating from the workplace are also vulnerable to phishing, malware and DDos attacks.

As mentioned above, we deploy endpoint security solutions based on our assessment of your infrastructure.

For instance, if you constantly transmit files via external networks, we can install host-based firewalls on your computers to control the network traffic on those devices.

The best protection against cyber threats should run at multiple layers. This is because your company can be attacked at the end-user level just as it can be attacked at the network level.

This is why in addition to securing your networks, we recommend that you invest in endpoint security solutions for your work and personal devices.

One of the key benefits of investing in endpoint security software is business continuity. Attacks by trojans, malicious code, ransomware, among others, can damage your files or render your files and machines unusable.

Other benefits of endpoint security include:

  • Save costs: Remedying the damage that results when client data, intellectual property and transaction data fall in the wrong hands can be a very costly process. It’s a lot more cost-effective to invest in measures for preventing such attacks from occurring.
  • Save time: When your end-user devices are protected, you free up your IT resources to focus on other tasks.
  • Be compliant with regulations: Compliance with data security regulations is a must for most businesses particularly those handling client data.

Endpoint cyber attacks are usually the deadliest because a lot of times, attack methods can appear quite legitimate.

For example, assuming an untrained and unsuspecting employee opens an unsuspecting but corrupt email, their device will be used as an entry point into your corporate network.

Anyone can fall prey to this type of scam. As such we cannot emphasize enough how absolutely important it is to take the necessary steps to protect your business data.

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In addition to helping you deploy measures for device management, Tru Technical Partners also support ongoing employee training to sensitize your employees on proper device use, on and off company premises.

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