Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services are outsourced IT services that encompass IT service providing, IT consulting and IT support.

Managed services is the proactive practice of outsourcing IT management responsibilities and functions.  By taking a proactive stance with your network security, systems, and application patching, and by employing comprehensive backup and recovery services. Our Managed Services provides businesses with 24-hour monitoring to immediately identify and correct potential issues as well as to provide remote and onsite maintenance and support.

One of the biggest benefits of managed IT services is the cost savings that businesses experience by making business IT support costs more predictable and manageable. A managed service approach will reduced downtime and provide businesses with customized backup and recovery solutions. It is also unlikely for an SMB to have the internal resource to fully safeguard your network from cyber-attacks and ensure smooth operations.

We service small to medium sized businesses mainly in the San Francisco Bat Area and Los Angeles. This geographical restriction allows us to quickly get our own engineers on site rather than rely on auxiliary contractors. This is because it is more difficult to ensure the quality of service when a 3rd party is involved.

Our clients are usually medium sized professional organization such as accountants, doctors and lawyers. We also have clients in transportation, education, manufacturing and non-profit. Any SMB located either in the Bay Area or Los Angeles should be a good fit.

Absolutely. Our channels allow us to get discounted pricing for our clients.

The combination of local high quality engineers servicing local companies, along with our strategic approach to cost consisting of remote monitoring and planned maintenance help to set us apart. When we add our award winning cyber security solution and responsive friendly service we offer you you’ll getting a package not easy to find here in California.

The best thing to do is schedule an online appointment with us. Nothing beats an exploratory discussion to help you assess your options. You’ll find the link to schedule an online meeting directly below.

If you’re not ready to that, you can download our guide to how we optimize employee productivity, minimize costs, dramatically improve cybersecurity, and provide responsive IT support. The link for that is also below.