Managed IT Services

In days gone by, most businesses had limited Information Technology requirements, this has rapidly evolved into a more complex requirement. The modern business, even small to medium sized operations, now require wide ranging IT support, especially, if they wish to minimize security risks and keep operations running smoothly.

Sadly, many businesses don’t seriously consider such management and security until after something bad happens. Without the right processes and infrastructure, it may even be too late to fix problems “after the event”. For example, without robust back-up procedures, it is often not even possible to correct a situation after it has happened.

Most businesses have an array of technology & devices to maintain and protect, these range from many (to all) of the following:

  • Printers & scanners
  • Servers (cloud or physical)
  • Network infrastructure
  • Mobile devices
  • Desktops
  • Laptops

In addition to a multitude of devices, there comes a risk to being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Any reputable operation needs to mitigate such risks before they happen. This normally includes things like anti-virus protection, malware protection, back-ups and disaster recovery processes or technology.

When you or your employees arrive at work, you really want to know that your device, network will be fast and reliable. Business owners often overlook the hard impact that down-time or sub-optimal network & device performance can have on employee’s motivation levels & productivity.

A managed IT service takes the headache of all the above away and will help improve your business and employee productivity.

Tru Technical offers fully remote Managed IT Services. Our remote solutions will both help mitigate problems before they happen and ensure maximum business and employee productivity.

We will scan all your devices & systems daily and update & maintain your infrastructure to ensure security is not compromised. We offer 24/7, 365 management & monitoring services. These scans will cover everything from your servers, wider network, desktop computers and all devices from laptops, to printers / scanners and mobile phones.

These services also include pre-emptive protection in the form of anti-virus scanning, spyware scanning / removal and security patch deployments.

We also ensure that you have regular and recoverable back-up solutions in place, so that you are always covered in the event of any unforeseen problems.

Ensuring ongoing security will also improve network & device performance and ensure reduced down-time and the need for costly “after the event” repair visits.

Managed IT services often enable cost savings and remove the operational headaches that come from employing IT professionals in-house. These resources are often not cheap, especially if you want somebody with the right experience to protect all your network, storage, back-ups and devices. Typically, any such in-house resources get consumed by ad hoc & minor troubleshooting problems, which means that their eyes are not focused on the real threats that could seriously impact your business continuity.

We do all the hard yards, so that you can focus on the running and growing of your business. We have over 20-years’ experience in helping small and medium sized operations in the San Francisco and wider California area.

So, stop worrying about your technology and focus more on your business. Tru Technical’s team of engineers are certified in virtually every technology needed to run a small to medium size business. Contact us for your free network analysis  and get control of your network before it takes control of you.

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