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Long gone are the days when businesses would store their data on tapes that were, in turn, stored in off-site storage vaults. Tape backup proved insufficient due to slow data restoration and the risk of getting misplaced. This insufficiency gave rise to the need for iCloud backup services.

So, what is iCloud backup storage? And does your organization really need it?

What iCloud Backup Can Do For You

Apple backup is a service specific to IOS devices that allows you to back up and sync information.

Once your business sets up iCloud, you automatically get 5 gigabytes of storage for free. However, depending on the amount of content you store and backup as a business, you may need more IOS backup storage.

You can upgrade to a larger storage plan from your iPhone, iPad, iMac, or MacBook.

With Apple backup, you can:

1. Conveniently share and sync data

iCloud’s file sharing and syncing features allow your employees to effortlessly and securely share and sync data regardless of data type, location, and Apple device. The easy flow of data in your business makes getting work done faster and stress-free, which, in turn, increases employee productivity.

2. Keep your data safe

According to a 2020 data breach investigations report by Verizon, 45% of cybersecurity breaches resulted from hacking, 22% involved phishing, while 17% involved malware. IOS backup defends against cyber-attacks, human error, server crashes, theft, natural disasters, among other threats to your data.

Apple back readily provides backups of your data should the need arise, ensuring that your business quickly resumes operations after a data loss incident.

And with the requirement of a Managed Apple ID to access data in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized persons accessing your business’s iCloud.

 3. Maintain employee accounts with Managed Apple IDs

Unlike personal Apple IDs, the Managed Apple IDs you create for your employees to access iCloud and other Apple services are company-owned. So, for employee accounts, an Apple Business Manager administrator can:

  • Update account information
  • Restrict access
  • Reset the password
  • Delete or deactivate an account

 4. Save on infrastructure costs

On-premises data storage systems may allow for the highest level of control over your business network and data. However, the cost of setting up, operating, and maintaining the IT infrastructure that stores data can be sky-high, especially for small businesses.

Apple backup service is cost-friendly as Apple spreads the hardware and maintenance costs to multiple businesses.

iCloud is an Apple backup storage service for both businesses and individuals. It works by storing, backing up, and syncing crucial data from various Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks (laptops), and iMacs(PCs).

So, instead of storing information on the devices themselves, it’s securely stored on Apple’s remote servers all around the world.

What does this mean for your business? In the event of loss or damage to any of your Apple devices, iCloud backup allows you to restore all your data to your new Apple device. To access iCloud services, you need only go to iCloud.com and sign in with your Managed Apple ID.

An Apple backup service is a good business strategy. Misfortunes can happen anytime in businesses, costing you vital data. For instance, a hard drive may fail, and an employee could accidentally download malware that encrypts your company files.

Consequently, every business needs a good data backup strategy in place.

A good strategy first involves identifying the information that needs backing up, then establishing when and how often to back up data, and choosing a cloud backup service.

Custom-tailored iCloud Backup services

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