Android 13 – The Safer Choice for Your Business


With more and more of us working from home, the line between personal and work life is becoming increasingly blurred. It’s not uncommon for staff to use their personal mobile for work purposes, and while this might not seem like a big deal, it can actually put your business data at risk.

Android 13 is the latest operating system from Google, and it comes with a number of features aimed at keeping business data safe and secure. IT admins will benefit from more control over how business devices are used, while employees will appreciate the ability to maintain a good work/life balance. If you have a Google device, you should already have access to Android 13.

Why Android 13 is Safer for Your Business

  • One of the key benefits of Android 13 is that it provides IT admins with more control over how business devices are used. This includes the ability to enforce password strength requirements, as well as restrict which apps can be installed on business devices. These measures can help to prevent sensitive business data from being leaked if a device is lost or stolen.
  • Another great feature of Android 13 is the Work Profile mode. This allows employees to keep their personal and work data separate, so they don’t have to worry about sharing confidential information with their contacts. What’s more, IT admins can remotely wipe work data from devices without affecting any personal data.

If you’re looking for a mobile operating system that offers better security for your business, Android 13 is the way to go. With more control for IT admins and features that help maintain a good work/life balance, it’s the safer choice for businesses of all sizes. If you want to talk through the best way to manage mobile devices for your business, get in touch.