SMBs Also Fall Victim to Ransomware Attacks

Equifax, HBO, Deloitte: all are large organizations that had recently been hacked. It seems like every week, we learn about another huge company falling victim to a data breach. But what about the little guys or the not-so-big guys? Just because you don’t see SMBs in the news for getting hacked, it doesn’t mean they’re not targets. In fact, SMBs are hackers’ number one target.

This article from TechRepublic discusses how managed service providers (such as Tru Technical Partners) reported that “ransomware is becoming more and more frequent for their SMB partners.” It also explains that the financial strain caused by ransom, downtime, data loss, and class action lawsuits can be too catastrophic for some SMBs to recover from. Read on to find out what industries of SMBs are most targeted by cybercriminals.

Equifax As A Cautionary Tale

In light of the recent Equifax hack, businesses, as well as consumers, should both take precautions. It’s obvious that the 143 million consumers affected by the data breach should take the necessary measures to prevent their identities and/or financial accounts from being misused. But what about businesses – particularly small and medium sized businesses? If one of the three largest American credit bureaus can get hacked, then SMBs need to safeguard their networks to prevent that from happening to them too.

This article from CNBC discusses how and why small businesses are more exposed to hacker threats. That is why Tru Technical Partners offers network security to small and medium sized businesses.