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Here at Tru Technical we provide a long list of services that all come under one umbrella…

“We take care of your IT needs. All of them.”

Whether it is managing printers, keeping desktops running, connecting mobile devices to your network, backing up your critical data, preventing cyber-attacks and anything else related to technology Tru Technical Partners is your one stop shop.

Our services include:

Managed Desktops – We will keep your desktops running. Each of your users will have access to our 800 help desk support number to help with any issues. We can also provide quick response to any issues remotely from our secure NOC and if we can’t resolve the problem in a timely fashion we will dispatch an engineer at no extra charge to you!

Workstation/Laptop Loaner – In the event we can’t correct your problem right away we will get you up and running by providing a loaner so your users can continue working while we solve the problem on your original computer.

Managed Servers – Tru Technical will provide server management, support and administration for all servers in your organization. We will monitor key services from Exchange to SQL databases to ensure that all services are available to all users in your organization.

Managed Network – We provide support and administration for routers, multi-layer switches and wireless access points. We will provide monitoring and performance reporting of all key network devices.

Managed Security – It is almost impossible for a medium size business to keep pace with the increasing complexity and frequency of network security threats. We will do it for you, protecting your technology and information assets with 24/7 management and monitoring by our engineers. This includes managing firewalls, intrusion protection systems, remote access (site-to-site VPN, IPSEC clients, SSL), active directory security and wireless security.

Quarterly Business Reviews – Every quarter Tru Technical Partners will sit down with you and review the past quarter. We will go over past service tickets, any current tickets or issues. We will also go over your plans for the next quarter so we can help align your technology goals with your business goals.

24/7 Monitoring – Tru Technical Partners will monitor and respond to issues affecting your network such as servers running low on disk space or drive failure in RAID array. Whether you generate a service request or our automatic alerting system does, we will dispatch an engineer to guarantee quick responses for problems at your site.

Patch Management – Security holes and threats are found every day and software has evolved to deal with them almost daily as well. To deal with this ever-changing landscape, Tru Technical Partners utilizes a patch management system that allows us to test all patches and updates before production deployment.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware – When it comes to Virus’ and Spyware management an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. For this reason Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware management for all of your users are included as part of any service plan we provide.

Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support – There are no hidden costs. Your fixed monthly fee provides unlimited remote and onsite support. Whatever is needed to keep you up and running is covered with your one low monthly fee.

Service Ticket Portal – Tru Technical Partners has developed an online service portal to open, close and track any service requests created. You will also be able to open requests through email, the online customer portal or by phone – whichever way you or your users are most comfortable. Because every ticket is entered into our service portal you will be up-to-date with what’s going on with your business at all times.

Audit and Discovery – Are you concerned about who or what is accessing your network. No need to worry. With our audit and discovery daily scans we will be able to identify any new or rogue devices on your network. All assets will be identified and documented for a complete up to date inventory.

Discount Projects – Sometimes our businesses want to expand their technological capabilities and need to design and develop something new in order to keep pace in this ever changing market. All Tru Technical customers receive a discount rate for all project work outside of support so you have a readymade team that knows your infrastructure and is skilled at implementing new technologies all at a discount.

If you have any questions about these or other services contact us and we will be happy to help you accomplish your goals.

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