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Whether it is managing printers, keeping desktops running, connecting mobile devices to your network, backing up your critical data, preventing cyber-attacks and anything else related to technology Tru Technical Partners is your one stop shop.

Every small and medium size business owner knows they need a high quality, dependable, remote backup solution. However, like going to the dentist twice a year and avoiding french fries, we don’t always do the things we need to do.

To make matters worse the need for good data recovery or backup and restore solutions is more important than ever. Between hackers, power failures, computer viruses, fire or water damage and natural disasters the need for a dependable file and server recovery system is more important than ever, particularly for small and medium size business that can’t afford dedicated IT support to make sure data is consistently backed up to a remote server.

If you are like most business owners today you are experiencing one or more of the following frustrations:

1 – Outdated backup & recovery systems like tapes that require constant attention

2 – Storage and recovery companies that charge outrageous prices

3 – A slew of data recovery solutions that is perplexing at best and often completely overwhelming

Fortunately you can let Tru Technical Partners worry about bringing your backup solutions into the 21st Century in a manner that is far less expensive than trying to do it yourself, even if you already have an IT Department.

When you work with Tru Technical Partners you get a Tru Partner that will come to your location and perform a full analysis of your existing backup plan and infrastructure. From there we will design and propose that most cost-effective, secure and hassle-free solution that will backup whatever is necessary including:

Server Backup

Windows Backup

Apple OS Backup

File and Data Backup

Remote Storage

Disaster Recovery

The solutions that Tru Technical Partners provides are automated, hassle-free, cost effective solutions that allow you to attend to the business of your business while actually saving money over your present solution and processes.

To learn more contact with the button below, or by calling us at 800-778-9969.

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