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As one of the top IT Support Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver custom-tailored IT Support services for organizations of any size.

In this day and age, it is difficult to find a business that doesn’t use technology in some shape or form. And with the use of technology, something can always go wrong. Technical support is perhaps one of the most crucial services that a business can have, and for many reasons.

The question is: does your organization really need IT support?

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3 Reasons your organization should consider IT support

1. Is your business still too small to need outsourced IT support?

You’re not alone. Most small businesses don’t require any IT support assistance when they are just starting out. Or, at least, they think they don’t.

As a business grows, so do its technological needs.  But this doesn’t mean that a company shouldn’t invest in IT Support services right from the beginning. No matter the size of the organization, IT support will contribute to its success.

Here’s an example: A business or company’s information is an extremely valuable resource, right?  Some people would go as far as to say that it is the most valuable asset. It could be anything from information related to sales, trends, metrics that show performance or even projected losses. Also data loss of Accounts Receivables. If you don’t know who owes you money how are you going to collect? Don’t worry about Accounts Payable because vendors will follow up on late payments; not too many companies call you and ask if they owe you money.

This information is not only needed for the business’s functions and success, but if it were to fall into the wrong hands, could have disastrous consequences.

In addition, a business with competent IT support services will be protected from viruses, which not only means protection from loss of data, but also protection from loss of money that would be needed to replace equipment.

2. Do you have an IT problem and you’re not sure how to fix it?

This doesn’t automatically mean you should invest in IT support services. But, let’s take a quick look at what managed services could bring to your organization:

The main role of technical support in a business is to identify any problems that a network or a computer system has, and then provide a solution. This is not limited to problems with just applications, but also any software computers have installed, applications in the cloud as well as hardware related issues.

3. Does outsourced IT support seem too expensive?

Having in-house technical support on a payroll can be very expensive. The logical alternative is to make use of outsourced IT support. It’s interesting to note that there are additional benefits, not just cost savings.

The biggest benefit of outsourced IT support is that they can be used only when needed, which would greatly reduce operational costs, and save a company a lot of money in the long-term.

Payroll Taxes, Worker Compensation Insurance, Health and PTO benefits and Technical Certification Training to mention a few.


To help you decide whether your company will benefit from IT support services, let’s look at how it works.

IT support is a job that has been around for many years, yet not many people know exactly what it entails, or what IT means. IT stands for information technology, and an IT support specialist is a person who provides technical assistance to anything related to information technology.

In other words, a business can have many teams of technical support agents assigned to different divisions, or a single team that is responsible for a variety of tasks. One of the most important tasks that technical support is relied upon for is for system security, and for the security of information within the company.

Besides saving costs, outsourcing to an external IT support company would also mean that a business is able to benefit from possibly better skills than the in-house team may have. This is especially beneficial when it comes to large-scale problems that a small team might not be able to handle. More than that, external IT support solutions might be able to pass on a few tips and new methods of solving problems to the in-house team that could be valuable in the future.

Does this sound like something that will make your business run better?

One of our TruIT consultants would be pleased to sit down with you and discuss your IT needs and whether your business will or will not benefit from outsourced IT support from a company like ours.

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