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As one of the top Remote Storage Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver custom-tailored Remote Storage services for organizations of any size.

One of the most important IT services that businesses require is remote data storage. This service helps ensure that your data is not lost in the case of an issue with on-site storage. It also ensures that data can be retained for longer periods without having to worry about overloading in-office computers.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Onsite and Offsite Data Storage?

One of the biggest causes of data loss is a hard drive crash or a system failure and now a Ransomware Attack that holds your data hostage.  Data storage is a key requirement for businesses, as the loss of data can be catastrophic; up to 70% of small companies go out of business within a year following a major data loss incident.

Deciding where to store your data, however, can be a challenge. Aside from choosing offsite data storage, businesses can also choose to backup their data on an on-site server.

However, off-site data storage is undoubtedly the better option for small to medium sized businesses, particularly ones that handle a lot of sensitive or confidential information.  Off-site storage is not on your network which a cyber attack is not possible so your data is extremely safe.

The pro’s of remote data storage outweigh those of on-site storage solutions:

Onsite Data Storage:

  • PRO: With on-site data storage, you’re in charge of your security. This means that you can ensure that as many protocols are put into place to protect your data as you wish.
  • CON: Data stored on-site is susceptible to damage during a disaster, such as a fire or a break-in. With remote data storage, you have your data securely stored encrypted, and available in the case of a setback.
  • CON: Storing data on-site requires you to invest in developing the necessary hardware and infrastructure. This investment is not always possible for smaller businesses.

Offsite Data Storage:

  • PRO: Offsite backup storage is very affordable. Tru Technical Partners provides data storage solutions that’re automated, hassle-free and cost effective.
  • PRO: Storing your data offsite is convenient. Your data will be secured and made available to you as needed.
  • PRO: Government regulations are seeing businesses store data for longer periods. It can be difficult to comply with these regulations due to the amount of space that the data can take up. With offsite backup storage, you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re complying with regulations while protecting your assets and data.

These are only some of the considerations to keep in mind when determining how you want to store your data.


Remote data storage is a technological solution that allows businesses to store their data off-site. Today, all businesses can benefit from high-quality remote file storage solutions to ensure that their data is truly protected.

Remote storage is also known as offsite data storage or cloud storage. How it works is simple: a backup application provided by your storage service provider will copy the data stored on your business computers. It will then store this data on an offsite storage system.

Working with Tru Technical Partners, you’ll be assigned a Tru Partner who will visit your location and conduct a comprehensive review of your current back-up plan and infrastructure. We’ll then develop and suggest the most cost-effective and secure backup solution for your assets and data.

Tru Technical Partners team of engineers are skilled in every technology needed to smoothly operate a small to medium sized business. Schedule a meeting with a Tru Partner to see if anyone is looking at your confidential data and determine how safe you are from hackers and cyber-attacks.

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