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Securing small and mid-size business computer systems isn’t easy. There is a wide variety of threats to defend against from: the flashy and well publicized denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) against Amazon or MasterCard; to each disastrous new virus that wipes out hard drives; to the attacks coming from within.

Of course closing down your business networks is not an option because we depend on interconnectivity more than ever – interconnectivity between: our home and office; our servers and mobile devices; and even our partners. Without it we can’t do our job effectively.

Developing a strategy to manage all of this is a daunting challenge and not usually a core competence for most businesses. That’s why many small to mid-size businesses outsource that work to Tru Technical Partners. We are experts in security issues and can help you develop the strategy that is right for you.

When you engage Tru Technical Partners we come in and learn about your business by asking questions such as:

  1. Who are your customers and business partners? This helps us understand what information is important to you. Is it customer records, credit card information, intellectual property, etc.
  1. What are the most common forms of communication with customers and business partners? This is important for understanding how interactions and potential security risks can occur. Do you use email, and online portal, FTP sites, etc.?
  1. Does your business need to comply with some sort of regulatory body? Many small businesses have to adhere to strict security guidelines to maintain their credentials in their industry. We can help.
  1. Do you know ALL the places your confidential data is stored? With the easy proliferation of data this isn’t such an easy question to answer.

With the answers to these questions and many more we can begin to make a proactive plan to address those elements important to your business. These plans usually contain the following elements:

  1. Installing and configuring of hardware — including firewalls, networks and IP telephone systems — so that they let the good guys do their job and keep the bad guys out.
  1. Installing and standardizing on the operating systems necessary to do your job and keep those systems up to date with the most recent patches.
  1. Offering numerous “cloud” or “hosted” applications which can help you make email management, data security and up time someone else’s problem.
  1. Put in place an ongoing integrated approach to security technology instead of trying to plug holes one at a time.

No single solution is right for every business. It is our job to help you understand the solution that is right for your business.

If you have any security concerns at all, contact us by clicking the button below, using the form above or calling us at 800-778-9969. We’ll be happy to come out and conduct a free assessment of how secure your company is today.

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