Windows Server Backup Services

As one of the top Windows Backup Firms in the San Francisco Bay area, we deliver custom-tailored Windows Backup services for organizations of any size.

Every small to large business needs a high-quality, reliable, remote backup solution.

Windows server backup can be used to create and manage backups for the local computer or remote computer.

Windows server backup services are necessary for businesses of all sizes as they ensure that you do not lose your precious data.

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Custom-tailored windows backup services

With our easy-to-use, efficient, and secure server backup solutions, we protect your entire Windows server environment.

We defend your data on any windows server with solutions that lets you store data whenever it’s right for you.

What is Windows cloud backup?

It refers to the backing up of data to a remote cloud-based server on a Windows PC.

When using Windows cloud backup to create a complete backup, it keeps a copy of everything on your computer, including installation media, settings, applications, and all of your files, both on the main drive and in other areas.

In case of any computer failure, you are at the risk of losing your valuable data. Through the use of a Windows cloud backup service, you can store information remotely and protect yourself against data loss.


By allowing backups to offsite cloud storage, Windows server cloud backup protects server data from accidental deletion and manipulation.

It works as cloud storage allowing you to store and access data from multiple connected server resources that make up a cloud environment. The greatest benefit of having cloud backup is that you can restore old files that you’ve lost.

It integrates with Microsoft Windows Server’s inbox backup service to provide a consistent experience for configuring, tracking, and restoring backups across local disks and cloud storage.

Windows backup files are usually saved on your USB drive or an external hard drive. And, whenever the auto-save stores your files, the final draft is marked with an additional dated and time-stamped copy and it is placed in another folder for safekeeping.

You can later set the location of this folder to be on any drive or folder you want.

Windows Server Backup includes a set of tools for performing simple backup and recovery functions. It can be used to back up a full server, selected volumes, or specific files and folders. It is extremely useful in case of disk failures and you can perform a bare-metal recovery.

Because of more data being created and collected than ever from multiple locations and devices, keeping your business’ data safe in the era of technology has become a complicated process.

At Tru Technical Partners our team provides Windows server cloud backup services to meet the current backup challenges in the market; we provide the safest way to backup your computer.

Contact us today and Tru Technical Partners will send a Tru Partner to your location to conduct a thorough review of your backup plan and develop the most cost-effective, secure, and straightforward solution for backing up all your assets and data.

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