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As one of the top Data Security Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, we deliver custom-tailored Data Security services for organizations of any size.

It’s no doubt that you collect a lot of valuable data in your company: customer information, Social Security Number, Passwords, financial transaction data, employee data, product development data, etcetera.

This kind of information is a treasure trove for hackers. Should your systems get hacked, your company may incur irreparable damage if this data gets stolen and shared publicly. It can be very difficult to win back the trust of your customers and employees once you breach it by not safeguarding their data.  Not to mention the legal ramifications and Board of Directors have responsibilities to safe keep all data collected by the company.

So, why not prevent a breach by safeguarding all your data with data security management?

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Why data security is important?

Since 2005, thousands of data breaches have been reported yearly in the US, with every data breach impacting millions of individuals’ data. For instance, in 2019 alone, an estimated 165 million personal records were exposed.

So why are leakages rampant when most of the companies that have reported the worst hacks of this century, (case in point yahoo), have robust IT departments?

According to Tom Walsh of Tw-Security, “IT people tend to have a ‘fix it quick’ mindset, and in their hurry to restore systems, missteps often happen.”

Other reasons behind data security breaches include:

  • Lack of expertise
  • Human error, especially when migrating data to the cloud
  • Old, Unpatched hardware causing security vulnerabilities
  • Phishing cyber attacks
  • Stolen or Weak Password Credentials

Data security is important to secure confidential data; this is where Tru Technical Partners IT firm comes in. We provide all-around data encryption and data security management to give you peace of mind as you go about your business.

You must invest in data security. Frankly, there are no two ways about it. That said, the decision you’re probably grappling with right now is which data security partner you want by your side.


Encryption means turning normal text into an indecipherable format (a format that cannot be understood). Only a person with an encryption key can decrypt and read the data.

This means that should the encrypted data fall into wrong hands, it will be useless. We use state of the art algorithms to encrypt not only stored data but also data in transit.

You are probably wondering by now “what if my data encryption key gets stolen?”

While this is always a concern, we have contingencies in place to securely manage encryption keys and we’ll be glad to explain these security measures to you and your team during a complimentary  consultation.

We believe that the most effective data security solutions are those tailored to suit your company. As such, before we recommend any solutions, we first seek to learn important information such as:

  1. Where or how you store your data
  2. The kind of information you store in your systems
  3. The systems you use for external and internal communication
  4. If there are any security protocols within your industry that your company needs to comply with

Armed with this information, we can implement data security solutions tailored just for you, by taking steps such as:

  1. Installing firewalls on your hardware, systems, and networks.
  2. Standardizing your operating systems.
  3. Updating patches.
  4. Implementing better cloud-based systems for managing emails and other communication.
  5. Putting in place an integrated security protocol that guarantees all-round system protection.

So, how do you know you can trust us?

We work with many clients, from CPAs to lawyers and businesspeople. We have a clean 20-year track record for providing excellent and reliable cyber security services. Our reputation for being among the best Data security companies in the business is borne out by some of our clients’ praises. Give us a call today at 1-800-778-9969 or send us an email at

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