What Do The Experts Think About Securing Data?

Here’s What The Experts Think About Securing Data – note the one thing that keeps coming up in this article, and it’s an easy one to fix!

Blackhat is a hackers conference – hopefully it’s the White hat hackers who are meeting to build skills to stop data theft…in a recent conference, several were interviewed to see what companies like yours should be doing to stop data theft…guess which idea keeps coming up!

Passwords! Not just better passwords, but a change in our approach. Two factor – something you know (like the password you used this morning), and something you have … like having debit card, your computer and data are a whole lot more secure when the system requires both the card and the pin! Today’s 2-factor technology has come along way, and it turns out, 2-factor can be easy to use. Give us a call and let’s review some options!