Small Business – The Hackers #1 Target. Here’s What You Can Do To Lock Things Down

Experts tell us – small business is the target. There are several things you can do to tighten up security, here’s a link to 5 good ones. My favorite in this list is putting in place a process to authorize wire transfer. You’d think that is the bank’s job, however banking agreements state, in most cases, you have just 24 hours to catch a fraudulent wire transfer! Just 24 hours…

You personal banking offers 60 days…enough time in many cases to spot something. 24 Hours is just not enough time. The hacker takes over the managers email (related to item one on the list), then sends a request for payment to AP…the person there sends the money. 24 hours later, the hacker owns that money and chances of getting caught are almost zero.

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