Phishing – You’ll Be Surprised To Hear Who Gets Duped The Most!

Phishing attacks are not new – however they’re getting smarter every day – and therefore more effective. What’s the solution? Phishing will continue – these scams are effective and almost impossible to stop. The first stop is training, the second, technology. 

Who is most likely to be targeted? Who is most likely to fall – executive management and business owners. You see, the hacker knows their audience…senior management owns the keys to everything. Get the business owners / executives, and the hacker can get to the money (and secrets worth a fortune). 

Training can help you spot scams and evade tricks by putting procedures in place to verify the sender before damage is done. Technology can often detect malware used to steal data once the user of a given computer has mistakenly clicked on the hackers phishing email link…you’ll need both. To get more insights on this, check out this article…

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