Managed IT Services

Your business, whether it’s big or small, needs a robust IT framework in place to help you operate with more efficiency and higher productivity. Properly managed IT support also helps you increase your cybersecurity effectiveness and improve your cost-benefit ratios. Having IT support within a business can be very costly.

What if you could have outsourced IT services? Enter Trutech a leading provider of IT Infrastructure management services and solutions. We help our clients attain operational efficiency, reduce cost and mitigate risks.

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Why to consider Outsourced Managed IT Services?

In the world we live in today, IT should be one of the core competencies of your company. However, having an in-house IT department can be extremely costly in both labor and equipment. This is why it makes sense to choose to outsource this function to IT managed support services like Tru Technical.

Why should your business outsource its IT Support?

To safeguard your network from cyber-attacks and ensure smooth operations. Also, it gives you an outsider’s perspective on improving your operations using IT. You may not be able to identify risks, but an outsourced firm may see what you don’t.

What we can do for you

We give you everything you need in terms of fully managed IT services. Whether you need an IT services provider, an IT consultant or IT support – we can help. Let’s take a look at how we can help you grow with technology.

Managed IT Services Provider

We maintain the security of your business devices and network through 24/7/365 management & monitoring. All your devices & systems are scanned daily. We apply and maintain your anti-virus protection, malware protection, back-ups and disaster recovery processes or technology.

IT Consulting

Most companies worry about disaster management and recovery, but may not have an idea as to how it works – or even how to mitigate risks of disasters happening. At Tru Technical, we offer a service known as TruIT – a package for IT consulting. We work by tailoring your IT requirements to your company’s needs for maximum optimization.

IT Support Services

With IT support services, we identify issues that your computers or networks may have and offer managed it solutions to solve the problem. Managed IT support isn’t only about problem-solving networks – it’s also about checking if your software is working efficiently, handling all hardware issues and carrying out disaster management backups.

How Managed IT Services can save your company money

You can save your company money by having proper data backups and disaster recovery plans in place. Imagine a flood destroying your entire office. Starting from scratch may cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and new expenses. Having a disaster recovery plan facilitates a very quick comeback – sometimes even within a couple of days.

The Benefits of IT Services

Did you know that 38% of small businesses in the United States had increased sales and revenue from using digital tools?


Managed IT services are outsourced IT services that encompass IT service providing, IT consulting and IT support.

Information technology consultants help you plan your IT infrastructure based on the size of your business and aid you in choosing the right disaster recovery and mitigation plan. They also show you how to optimize your company’s IT structure for maximum efficiency and increased production.

First, look at their testimonials and service record. What companies have they been doing outsourced IT services for? This should give you some insight. Also, you should call in your shortlisted candidates and have a proper discussion on what you need and how they can help. This is a sure-fire way of getting the right managed IT service provider.

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