Is Your Bank Password For Sale? Chances are higher Than You Might Think.

The Dark Web is real – part of the Internet most of us never get to see.  When passwords are compromised, they often go up for sale on the Dark Web…average price, just over $8. This article is not about bank passwords, but rather, HBO and other popular video services. The problem is, so many people are using the same passwords across many accounts. Are you?  If someone steals you password off of Yahoo, HBO, or any other service you access – will that same password work on other more important accounts? Best practices demand you have many passwords – it’s best to purchase a software – password Vault. Password vaults help you create complex passwords, store them, and even auto fill them so you don’t have to remember the 23 character password you assign to your bank account.  A small investment that will go a long way toward safer computing.

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