Do You Know Your Top 5 Security Threats?

Half the battle for privacy and data security can be won simply by knowing what the enemy is up to when it comes to breaking in and stealing…This article explores the top 5.  To summarize (and save you some time), here they are, with some of my thoughts on each.

  1. Phishing (Sending you emails designed to take over your computer…I agree, this is a major threat. Even the trained security professional can’t always tell what’s real, and what’s an attack. The good new is, when destructive software hits your computer we can usually see it with the right detection technology in place.
  2. Ransomware – taking your computer hostage. Again, I agree this is a major threat. The media has made us somewhat numb to it, however, don’t be fooled. Hackers can easily hit you with a ransom request if you’re not well protected against them.
  3. Cloud…well, cloud isn’t an attack or threat. This article says little to explain, however let me add, most of the attacks (over 50%) over the past 12 months involve the cloud. The fact is, people falsely believe they don’t need greater protection because they are in the cloud. Your phone, laptop, or desktop, when using the cloud is the place hackers will attack. Remember, your data is not encrypted when working on it – the end node is a key part of your network and must be protected.
  4. GDPR – again this isn’t an attack or threat either – it’s a new law from our friends in Europe. That said, compliance in general has changed the way we look at security and in many cases has lulled small business owners into a false sense of security. Being PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR compliant, in no way says, your data is safe. Check the boxes, then assess risk, finally, secure the data.
  5. Crypto-mining. This one is an attack…having your computer taken over to process cryptocurrency illegally. It will eat up your bandwidth, computing power, and may point to you as the perp. Crypto-miners take over systems and use them for their crime…make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Some simple tests can tell us if your system is being used for this type of crime.

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