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What is data protection?

Data protection is the use of tools and policies to restrict access to data to protect it from loss, compromise, and corruption.

Why use a backup solution?

Backup solutions ensure that you can access a copy of your data in case of primary data failure. Such failures can be due to human error, malware attacks, data corruption, and software/hardware failure.

This is what Tru Technical will do to secure your data:

Server Backup Services & Solutions

We offer server backup as a service. Our server backup engineers can help you store your data in the cloud, network-attached solutions, or even direct attached solutions. This ensures easy access even during emergencies.

We protect your company’s windows server environment by backing it up to the cloud. This cloud storage allows you to access any connected server resources on demand. It even integrates with Microsoft Windows Server’s inbox backup service.

We help you make the most of the Apple cloud backup services. We ensure that all your business data from your iPhone, iPad, iMac, and MacBook is properly stored and synced. This allows you to easily share data among different devices while minimizing infrastructure costs.

We formulate an effective backup plan for your business data and secure your networks. We even streamline your email service and provide antivirus software. This way, we reduce the chances of malware attacks and ensure that you can still recover your data and files in case they do occur.

We provide data protection as a service, ensuring that it is secure at all times. To do so, we install firewalls on your systems, update patches, standardize operating systems, upgrade cloud-based systems, and install integrated security protocols. By the time we are done, you will have all-around system protection.

We provide offsite data storage so that in the case of a fire, break-in, or data breach it is safe and accessible. To ensure the solution we provide works for you, we visit your business site, assess your needs and develop a tailor-made one. Ultimately, we intend to build a backup solution that is both effective and cost-friendly.


Both small and large companies need backup and data protection services. This ensures that none of their data is compromised or lost.

No matter which type of data protection consulting services you hire, there are usually three main data protection types that you will encounter. These include:

  • Data encryption – This ensures that anyone who breaches your network can’t decipher your data. It should be done for all types of data whether in transit, in use, or at rest
  • Password protection – This is one of the most popular ways to protect your data. It ensures that sensitive information can only be assessed by the permitted individuals
  • Cloud data protection – This involves securing your data in the cloud irrespective of where it is located, its state, and whether it is externally or internally manage


The main types of backup are:


  • Local backup without drive rotation – This involves backing up your data on an actual device on your premises without having to use any additional drives
  • Offsite backup using hardware – This involves backing up your data on a physical device onsite that has drives that you can then store offsite
  • Offsite backup to cloud – In this method, you store your data directly to the cloud. You don’t need any backup device or facility
  • Combined local and cloud backup – This involves using both the cloud and a physical device onsite.

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