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Keeping Your Data Safe Depends on Detection…You Can’t Really Keep Them Out

Here’s the good news when it comes to securing data – “Just because cyber criminals are tech-savvy doesn’t mean they’re not also lazy and prone to errors. You may not be able to understand the malicious code they write and deploy, but thanks to advances in threat detection, you don’t need to…”. Now the bad news. Most businesses have nothing in place to detect these patterns and mistakes…so even the sloppy criminals get away without your data…make sure you have the right detection in place. Read more about how hackers get caught and what you should be doing to keep them from actually getting to your data.


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Small Business – The Hackers #1 Target. Here’s What You Can Do To Lock Things Down

Experts tell us – small business is the target. There are several things you can do to tighten up security – here’s a link to 5 good ones. My favorite in this list is putting in place a process to authorize wire transfers. You’d think that is the bank’s job, however banking agreements state, in most cases, you have just 24 hours to catch a fraudulent wire transfer! Just 24 hours…

Your personal banking offers 60 days…enough time in many cases to spot something. 24 Hours is just not enough time. The hacker takes over the managers email (related to item one on the list), then sends a request for payment to AP…the person there sends the money. 24 hours later, the hacker owns that money and chances of getting caught are almost zero.

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Would You Pay the Ransom?

There are numerous reasons not to pay the ransom including the fact that you still might not get your data back and the likelihood of the attackers returning far more is high… That said, not paying is another disaster you can’t afford. The only good answer to prevention! Which is easier said than done. The good news is, if your patches are up to date and your end nodes are well protected, the likelihood of being successfully attacked by ransomware software is low! Check out what Gartner says about paying the ransom…

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Most Hacker Attacks Don’t Involve Bad Links! You’ll Be Amazed At How The Ruse Begins

All email based attacks involve some sort of social engineering ruse…meaning the attacker starts by tricking you somehow…however, the common misconception is, the attack requires clicking a link. Not True… Over half the attacks happening right now start with a conversation – someone pretending to be someone you should be talking to! This one thing wipes out most of the security technology out there…you can’t block a conversation that seems friendly or business related, and our ability to discern who is good and who isn’t, when it’s electronic, is far from adequate. Learn to test people before engaging. If an email asks you to call a number, look it up. Like a help desk agent, it doesn’t hurt to ask a question your caller or emailer should know. Sometimes we get tired of answering the question, “What was your first car?” And maybe that one isn’t so hard to answer. However, there are plenty of things you can ask someone at work… https://lnkd.in/gZ_57MR

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Hack with Sound?

Hacking Technology is Far More Powerful Than You Can Imagine – Never Underestimate the Hacker or Say The 3 Words, “We’ve Got It Covered”…

This week’s post is amazing and scary…did you know a computer can listen to the sound of your screen and determine with 96% accuracy, what’s on that screen? Wow! While this type of hacking probably won’t happen to you (because it’s far more complex than simply making a fraudulent call or sending a phishing email), it speaks to the power of hacking tools!
Coil Whine is the sound we’re talking about…you won’t hear it, but a computer can…Again, it’s nothing for you to worry about, it’s just another reminder, hackers have ways to get in that you can’t even imagine!


P.S. Have you seen David Stelzl’s eBook on protecting data and privacy? You can request it here for free… https://lnkd.in/gKAik7p

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