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Do You Use Public WiFi – Like Starbucks? If So, Read This…

WiFi in itself is pretty secure when set up correctly. Step outside your office or home, and things change.

Public WiFi can be anything from almost safe to a disaster.

Here are some tips to consider…most importantly, running some type of VPN software can make computing a whole lot safer.

Find several additional tips in this article to help you when your working remotely.

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Warning! The Internet Isn’t As Private As You Think It Is…

It’s important to think before putting something online.

That goes for email, social media posts, and of course, your company data.

The attached article shows how easy it is to take data, seemingly anonymous, and to attach names to it.

In this news report, medical information was put online (In the cloud). Computers were then used to search the internet, looking for public information that matched the medical records – in a short amount of time they had names to go with each medical entry, exposing one’s entire medical history.

You can’t control what your doctor puts in the cloud, however you can limit your personal information. Read the entire article Here.

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Anyone Can Buy The Tools To Hack Into Your Data, and It’s Easy To Do

Hacking used to require technical skills – no longer. For as little as $5 one can pick up the tools they need on the dark web (the part of the Internet you don’t get to see without a reference)…This article gives us some insight into just how easy it is – written to the European community, it references Euros, but don’t mistake this for irrelevant. Hacking knows no geographical boundaries. The question is, can you detect an attack in time to stop it before disaster strikes?  Regular assessments and an ongoing threat detection program are your only hope. Read the entire article Here.

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Data Theft Happens Inside More Than You Realize

Over 75% of employees admitted (in a recent WSJ Survey), they steal company data…it’s happens more than you think it does. People are tempted, they run into major financial trouble, or they react to something in the office…and they steal. You can’t simply put a firewall in place, access control is an essential element in the security strategy. If you’re using shared network drives, chances are you have no way to know who accessed what and when…if something gets deleted, moved, changed, or misused, you’ll want to know…If you’re not sure how to solve this problem, let us know… Read the whole article Here.

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Is Your Website Telling Your Clients You’re Not Secure?

Recently Google announced it would be notifying people when they try to access websites not updated with SSL (a security feature or certificate used to secure data)…if you’re not sure, go to your site now and look at the URL – does it start with HTTP://  or does it say, HTTPS://, the later is correct.  If you’re not up to date, contact us immediately and we’ll help you get this fixed…

Read the article Here

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