Attention Business Owners: 5 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer, Even if Your a Small Business

Cybersecurity is a leadership issue – not an IT problem. It affects every aspect of your business, and if you have a board, they too, should be aware of a few things. Here are 5 questions you should be able to answer – and as the answer change over time, you and your management should be keeping pace:

What is your current exposure? The attached article says, “Are you secure”? In my opinion, they’ve phrased this question so it can’t really be answered. Exposure assumes you can be attacked (and you can) and instead asks, what’s the likelihood certain “bad” things will happen.

Can you detect before it’s too late? In the attached article, you’ll read – “How do we know if we’ve been breached?” Both are accurate, however, the point is, can you detect fast enough. Eventually, everyone knows – in most cases they know too late.

How does your security program compare with others in your industry? This matters believe it or not. Not that you’re gaining a competitive advantage (which in most cases you’re not). But if breached, you’ll want to show you have done what any smart business would do, and what is expected of a company like yours. This speaks to something called, Due Care, a term that may come up if your clients discover a breach and sue.

Do you have enough resources to handle security? In most cases the answer will be no, unless you’ve contracted with third party providers. The truth is, there’s a lack of cybersecurity talent out there, and the great security experts are not taking jobs with small businesses – they work for IT providers and very large fortune 500 businesses.

How effective is your security program? Effective speaks to your ability to stay up and running – the detect disasters when they are just starting, heading them off before any real damage is done.

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