App Traps – Think Before You Download!

This article was published in The Wall Street Journal – which you may not have access to (without a subscription), however the topic is important, and we are keeping an eye on this for you right here! App Traps: How Cheap Smartphones Help Themselves to User Data.

In this report, the author uncovers an interesting trend with burner phones – which may come with preloaded apps – written by who knows who. Lots of people use these for privacy,  travel, etc. However, today’s phones have the ability to listen to you, track you, and watch you! It’s only our trust in the vendor controlling that apps that gives us a sense of security…and when that disappears, there’s no telling what your phone is doing!   

My recommendation? Stick to known carriers, know brands, and make sure you phone security is set up properly – including malware protection (especially on Android).

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