What to Know About Managed IT Support

The business world has fundamentally changed – and the shift hasn’t just been pandemic-related. Internet infrastructure is universally available, and we are now more connected than we’ve ever been.

Commerce isn’t entirely localized anymore. We are fully digitized. And because of this, we are a global village.

There are two pillars of effect we now face, because of the causality of digitization in our business and personal lives.

The first pillar is efficiency and interconnectedness, and the exposure digitization gives us to new people, and in business, to new potential clients and marketplaces. The second pillar is one we need to be weary of – with hyper connectedness comes visibility to nefarious eyes, and the risk of data breach, infiltration of sensitive information, or simply equipment failure, in both business and personal situations, is a sobering reality.

With the prevalence of our digital capabilities, managed IT support is now a vital element for those businesses who are online – which is, basically, everybody.

But what exactly is managed IT support for business, and what managed IT support services come with the package? Let’s chat about it here.

What is Managed IT Support?

Every business is different. Different wheelhouses, markets, products and services. Not all would have the capability to run their own IT infrastructure, which can consist of a few specific needs, like the installation and maintenance of certain equipment, connectivity, and of course, that so crucial an IT element: cybersecurity.

It becomes important then, that a business allocates budget to outsourced managed IT support.

A managed IT support service provider, Like Tru Technical Partners, can then step in to help to bring expertise like server and network maintenance, can build your defenses with cybersecurity implementation, and then simply provide support in general in keeping your business connected, and your data secure.

Which Managed IT Support Services are Offered by IT Companies?

The kinds of support services needed by a business will depend entirely on its nature – what industry or service do they provide solutions for? Are there specific back-up requirements needed? How sensitive is the information the business uses, absorbs, produces, or works with to deliver what’s promised?

One truly great feature to the onboarding of a savvy provider of managed IT support is the total customizability of IT management services that they provide. Whatever your business, and whatever the level of security and data protection you need, you can craft the exact support services that suit you, and the amount of time given to your ongoing IT management – it’s also entirely budget-friendly.

There are, however, some standard features to a comprehensive managed IT support capability that should be considered as core – even as you build your IT base. These are the top 3:

1. Security

First and foremost, your data must be protected by a team that uses the most impenetrable tools and processes that Protects, Detects and Remediates cyber threats and attacks.

Where will you see these impenetrable tools in action. Look no further than Tru Technical Partners SOC (Security Operational Center) where a team of engineers has “eyes on the screen” to immediately detect that ever so dangerous CYBER ATTACK. Tru Technical Partners toolbox of managed IT support services is the first touchpoint to securing your data against a devasting cyber-attack and limiting your business risk.

From defense against malicious intrusion or hacking, to virus protection, phishing repellent, and data safe-housing, security in managed IT support is step one to a well-rounded IT hub for any organization, in any industry.

Click here to find out more about cybersecurity from Tru Technical.

2. Backup

Another tool in your armory should be a data backup and recovery facility that extends deeply into your virtual filing cabinet.

From big databases to small single files, each piece of business information you store is an important cog in your business machine. There’s a very real reality, though, that certain events like hacking, denial of service or a system failure can interrupt that cog’s momentum. Simply put, data loss can be nothing short of devastating for your business.

A smart data backup and recovery structure is the next solution. From server backups to Windows server, cloud, and file and data backups, there are many ways to safeguard the information that keeps your business machine going.

Tru Technical has a detailed range of backup and recovery solutions. Click here to find out more about them.

3. Systems

Your business has a honeycomb-like structure of systems – these include chambers of information dedicated to its smooth operation.

This structure of systems is everything related to IT, from hardware like servers, routers, laptops, and desktops, to software like security platforms and applications, all governed by your healthy IT network.

So, the next tool in reliable managed IT support, is the overseeing and real time monitoring of each of these hardware and software IT structures. That constant visibility will mean that metrics and data translating from how your network is running, can be adjusted, and tweaked immediately. Then, should an event arise that threatens your vital business data, measures can be put into place to limit and even entirely prevent catastrophic damage to your business.

Tru Technical has a suite of IT infrastructure management options. Click here to see what we can do for you.

Tru Technical has a team of managed IT support engineers, ready to custom-build the IT system and network infrastructure you need, for the budget you have. Never again will you have to worry about your company’s precious data, or the sensitive information you have. Rest easy in the knowledge that with us, your business is fortified with IT capabilities that both protect it and improve the efficiency of its day-to-day operation.

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