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Most Hacker Attacks Don’t Involve Bad Links! You’ll Be Amazed At How The Ruse Begins

All email based attacks involve some sort of social engineering ruse…meaning the attacker starts by tricking you somehow…however, the common misconception is, the attack requires clicking a link. Not True…

Over half the attacks happening right now start with a conversation – someone pretending to be someone you should be talking to! This one thing wipes out most of the security technology out there…you can’t block a conversation that seems friendly or business related, and our ability to discern who is good and who isn’t, when it’s electronic, is far from adequate.  Learn to test people before engaging. If an email asks you to call a number, look it up. Like a help desk agent, it doesn’t hurt to ask a question your caller or emailer should know. Sometimes we get tired of answering the question, “What was your first car?” And maybe that one isn’t so hard to answer. However, there are plenty of things you can ask someone at work…

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