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They’re Now Hacking Your Voice Too! Here’s How…

Smart computers respond to your voice…Apple, Google, Android…they’re all headed this way. However, did you know your voice is easy to hack? Hackers capture your voice, and they use it to gain access to voice activated smart-devices…  “These subliminal commands can be hidden inside YouTube videos, songs or any type of audio file. The commands are broadcasted outside the frequency range of normal human hearing, which makes them imperceptible to us — but they do register with the smart speakers. This allows attackers to sneak commands to these devices without the victim realizing it.”  What’s the solution – access control has to get harder…think two-factor authentication. It takes more time, however it’s far safer. If you have data you really want to secure, find out about 2 factor authentication – using one time passwords with you phone can significantly reduce the risk of hackers taking over your computers. Check out this brief news report explaining how voice is compromised, and just what can be done with it.


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