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Equifax As A Cautionary Tale

In light of the recent Equifax hack, businesses, as well as consumers, should both take precautions. It’s obvious that the 143 million consumers affected by the data breach should take the necessary measures to prevent their identities and/or financial accounts from being misused. But what about businesses – particularly small and medium sized businesses? If one of the three largest American credit bureaus can get hacked, then SMBs need to safeguard their networks to prevent that from happening to them too.

This article from CNBC discusses how and why small businesses are more exposed to hacker threats. That is why Tru Technical Partners offers network security to small and medium sized businesses.

If Yahoo! Can Get Hacked…

Vigilance in the face of an ever increasing cyber threat is essential these days. However, it easy to get complacent. Just take a look at Yahoo!  In this New York Times article the authors go into great depth the difference between a hyper-vigilant mentality like Google maintains and the more complacent one that allowed 500 million accounts to be compromised. That’s 500,000,000. That’s a lot of passwords out in the wild.

Of course who has the time for this sort of thing?

The Panama Papers

As you have probably heard the Panama Papers were one of the most damaging hacking incidents for the clients of a law firm to date. The list of activities that were uncovered from tax evasion and tax avoidance to money laundering was staggering. In addition the range of public figures (read: CLIENTS) who were effected was equally incredible. The release of these private files brought down the Icelandic prime minister, and forced Britain’s prime minister at the time, David Cameron, to explain himself publicly. The prominence of Putin associates in the Panama Papers confirmed many things that were always suspected of Putin. China, also had its share of prominent people represented and damaged by this hack.

You have to ask yourself, what would happen if your client’s files were hacked? Would they be your clients the next day? Would you still have a business?

The Panama Papers Leak


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